Intro To ChatGPT For Marketers

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Learn how to use ChatGPT as a marketer to create better content faster for your business

Learn Five Secrets That Will Transform Your Marketing

Create high quality marketing content that matches the style and tone your target audience expects


Key Functions For Marketers

Learn how to get beyond the basics and start using ChatGPT as part of your marketing workflow. Work faster, with better results


Create Quality Content Faster

Learn the techniques to create quality content that aligns with the values, mission and voice of your organisation efficiently.


Master Technical Settings

Understand how to use terms such as burstiness and perplexity to adjust how engaging and relevant your content is


Ethics and Copyright

Know the boundaries of ChatGPT for your business and protect your reputation and copyright by understanding the implications for ChatGPT.

Learning Modules

Key Concepts

✅ How To Use ChatGPT As A Marketer

✅ ChatGPT As A Content Creation Tool

✅ ChatGPT vs ChatGPT Plus

✅ Ethical Considerations

✅ Copyright Considerations

Implementation Guides To....

✅ Creating and Refining Prompts

✅ Idea Creation and Content Outlines

✅ Marketing Strategy & Planning

✅ Meeting Notes & Transcripts

✅ Copyediting and Proofreading

✅ Changing Style and Tone of Content

Meet Your Trainer

Kristian Downer is a marketing trainer and speaker that has spent over a decade training marketers and business owners how to generate visibility and growth with the latest marketing tools.

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